Special Edition Purge Block

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Special edition purge block

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The Felly Built Inc Pie Cut Purge block is the first of its kind, helping fabricators easily back-purge tack welds, making stacking and tacking pie cuts much easier.

 This is done by utilizing CNC machined grooves cut into the block allowing you to lock-in a piece of tube or pie cut, then, when argon is added, your tack welds will be crisp with sufficient gas coverage. 

The grooves have been engineered to accept tubes with minor imperfections with OD’s of 1.5-4”, increasing by 0.25“ increments.

 Argon is supplied through a 1/4” barred hose fitting and then pushed through the supplied argon defuser. 

The Special Edition includes a 1200 Pelican case for storage, the purge block and 3 mfurick cups (btw, fupa and moose knuckle).

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Weight 3.17 kg
Dimensions 27 × 24 × 12 cm


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