Penta Port Purge Block



Complicated purging just got a whole lot more simple


The Felly Built PentaPort Purge Block is a 5-sided controlled argon manifold that allows fabricators to purge multiple lines at once. Some examples of this would be: purging the inside of a pipe while simultaneously purging the backside of a hanger; filling a complicated system with argon using multiple lines to ensure full inner argon coverage; or simply using the PentaPort valves to regulate purging pressure from your bench top.

Each argon outlet can be controlled by the brass needle valve found on each port. Using the supplied argon flow meter you can set one or multiple lines to your desired CFH flow rate. Each needle valve has 1/4 npt threads so fabricators which prefer using quick connect couplers can simply thread them on. If not, you can use the supplied 1/4″ barbed fittings. The Penta Port also has three machined pockets for your favorite welding cups.

NOTE: Welding cups, purge plugs and other tools seen in pictures are not included.


We no longer stock these purge blocks, please Email us if you would like to order one.





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Purging Hose

Add 10 ft of hose to my order (10$), No, don't add any hose


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