Merge collector cutting fixtures

$200.00 USD


CLR: 4°

convergent angle: 15°

Slip design: single slip


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Let’s face it, making a collector is tricky! So FellyBuilt engineered a tool to make your life much easier.

With this cutting fixture, you simply mark out the perfect collector shape on the first try!

The collectors and jigs were designed using CAD software, then the fixtures are 3D printed to create a precisely manufactured tool using the most accurate printers on the market. The fixture is designed to allow fabricators to cut out the shape using two of the most common tools in the industry:

  • Combining the two halves of the tool will allow it to be used with a horizontal band saw; clamping the two halves together sandwiching the collector tube while the saw cuts out the perfect notch. 
  • Or, you can use half the tool to trace the shape, then using a grinder, cut and sand until the traced-out shape is achieved.

The cutting fixture is currently available in common collector sizes and a fixed angle (currently 15°); but if you have an uncommon shape or size FellyBuilt can design and print a fixture that will work with your specific project. 



If you are buying before August 20th 2021 then you are part of the pre order!! All pre orders will be shipped out on august 25th.





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Collector tube diameter

1.75, 2.00, 2.25


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